Code 93 barcode encodes a wide range of data.

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What are the benefits of using Code 93 Barcode? *Code 93 is a common barcode symbology that has various advantages over other barcode formats. We will go into detail about the benefits of employing the Code 93 barcode in this section. *Code 93 has a large character set, which includes capital letters, digits, and a few special characters. This makes it a versatile barcode symbology that can encode a variety of data, including alphanumeric data and special characters. *Code 93 works with a variety of existing systems, such as barcode scanning software, database management systems, and inventory management systems. This makes Code 93 easy to incorporate into existing workflows and systems, reducing the need for additional hardware or software. *Code 93 has various security measures that make it difficult to counterfeit or modify. These security features include a checksum calculation that verifies the quality of the data encoded in the barcode, as well as a Modulo-43 check character that can detect and repair barcode problems. What are the special characters of Code-93 Barcode? There are some special characters of code 93 barcode- *The barcode's start is indicated by the start character. The character "*" (asterisk) is always used as the start character. *The barcode's end is indicated by the stop character. The symbol "*" (asterisk) is always used as the stop character. *The checksum characters validate the accuracy of the data encoded in the barcode. A Code 93 barcode can contain two types of checksum characters: Modulo-47 check character and Modulo-43 check character. While a section of the barcode can be verified to be accurate using the Modulo-43 check character, the complete barcode can be verified using the Modulo-47 check character. *The barcode's shift characters are used to transition between various character sets. The single shift A and single shift B characters are the two shift characters that can be utilized in a Code 93 barcode.
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