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Code 128 SET C barcode is a widely used technology in industries like transportation, logistics, and manufacturing for encoding large amounts of numeric data in small spaces, and can be printed in various sizes and orientations. DIFFERENCE OF CODE 128 SET C BARCODE FROM OTHER BARCODE TYPES: *Code 128 SET C is a high-density barcode, storing large data in a small space using two digits encoding for each number. *Application is a versatile data encoding method that can handle variable length numeric data, making it suitable for diverse applications. *Code 128 SET C employs check digit verification to guarantee accurate data transmission and reception, minimizing errors and ensuring data accuracy. *Software is self-checking, allowing the barcode to detect and correct errors in its encoded data, thereby reducing the risk of errors and ensuring data accuracy. *It is a versatile barcode format that is compatible with various devices like scanners and printers, making it suitable for various applications. APPLICATIONS OF CODE 128 SET C BARCODE: *Financial Services Industry: It is utilized in financial services and insurance to encode account numbers, routing numbers, and other financial transaction data. * Manufacturing Industry: Software used in manufacturing and automotive industries to encode product information, and encode batch numbers, manufacturing dates, and production lines. * Healthcare Industry: It is used in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to encode patient information and track drug movement through the supply chain. * Retail Industry: Software is used in retail, and logistics industries to encode product information like price, and serial numbers. *Government Agencies: Code 128 SET C barcode is utilized by government agencies to encode driver's license, social security, and passport information, as well as postal zip codes.
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