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Library Publishing Barcode Software 2.8.9


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Do you know about that how to create publishers and library management barcode labels using barcode label maker software? This software offers various methods and mechanisms to create as well as print the publishing and library management barcodes. Following details leads you to know the enhancing functionable process to create these types of labels. *Step1- Choose Barcode option from the tool: To add a barcode to your card, simply click on the barcode option in the tool’s menu. Then, double-click on the newly added barcode to adjust its properties as needed. Begin by choosing barcode technologies and types, such as linear barcode and EAN8 barcode font, as displayed in the screenshot above. Include the necessary barcode value, header, and footer according to industry standards. Additionally, you have the option to modify the narrow to wide ratio, alignment, orientation, and other settings. Adjust the bar height, density, margins, and other parameters as needed. Utilize the font tab to customize the barcode value, header, and footer fonts. If necessary, alter the colour of the barcode, barcode background, barcode header, footer, and value. *Step2- Add text to the label: Simply click on the Text icon located in the tools section of the barcode designing mode panel. Once the text is inserted, you can easily customize its properties by clicking on the text itself. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your label looks professional and polished. Text properties offer three settings: Text Value, Text Back Colour, and Text Frame. For batch processing, simply select Excel and input the desired text for the label. *Step3-Print: Choose a printing mode: either Pre-Defined Label Stock or Manual. If you select manual print mode, you can choose a print profile or adjust page properties by clicking on the Add or Edit button.
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