Two-dimensional matrix barcode label type.

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Do you know about how to scan Aztec barcode system? Follow this: Aztec barcodes can be scanned using handheld, mobile, and stationary scanners. Stationary scanners, used in manufacturing and logistics, capture images of Aztec barcodes and decode them using specialized software or hardware. They can use technologies like lasers, cameras, or RFID to capture data. Other methods include kiosks and vending machines, which use built-in scanners or cameras to capture the barcode. These devices initiate transactions or dispense products by decoding the data. Various devices, including kiosks and vending machines, are available for scanning Aztec barcodes.Aztec barcodes are commonly scanned using handheld scanners, which capture images using laser or camera technology. These images are sent to a computer or mobile device for decoding, and can be corded or cordless, with cordless scanners typically using Bluetooth technology. *Structure of Aztec barcodes: The Aztec barcode is a two-dimensional matrix barcode consisting of black and white squares arranged in a square grid. It can encode up to 3,588 characters and is based on a central finder pattern. The rest of the barcode is divided into concentric rings, each containing the data to be encoded. The innermost ring, known as the bullseye, contains the most significant bits of the data, while the outer rings contain progressively less significant bits. The number of rings and modules in each ring depends on the barcode's symbol size and the amount of data to be encoded. The Aztec barcode also includes error correction codes to ensure accurate decoding even if some modules are damaged or unreadable. These error correction codes, based on Reed-Solomon coding, can correct up to 25% of the modules in the barcode.Aztec barcode, although more compact than other 2D barcodes, still necessitates a certain amount of space for printing.
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