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Barcode medication administration system is an electronic system used in healthcare industry to ensure accurate and error free medication administration to patient. It utilizes barcode technology to verify patient identification, medication orders, and documentation. With the help of barcode technology hospitals can significantly reduce the risk of medication errors, improve patient safety, and enhance overall quality of care.*How Barcode technology can improve healthcare medication administration and reduce medication errors in hospitals:1-Barcoding: Each medication is labeled with a different barcode label that contains information about the drugs such as name, dosage and expiration date, manufacturer name. 2-Patient Identification: Patient are assigned with a unique barcode which contains their identification details. These barcodes are typically placed on the patient wristband and it helps to ensure that the right medication is administered to the right patient, reducing the risk of medication errors. 3-Medication verification: Barcode system helps healthcare professional to ensure that the right medication is administrated at right dose by comparing medication orders with the medication order in the patient electronic healthcare record. 4-Alert and warning: Barcode medication system generates ab automated alert when medication orders are not consistent with the patient's medical history or if there are potential drug interactions. 5-Documentation: Barcode system automatically record information about patient with the help of patient's electronic health record. It helps user to ensure that medication administration is accurately documented and reduces the risk of errors in manual documentation. 6-Analytics: Barcode system provides hospital with data and analytics on medication administration and other key metrics. This information helps hospitals to identify patterns, improve processes and improve overall medication safety
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