Maxx is a tool for mastering of audio files.

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Maxx 1.0.0


John Burnill

Supported languages: English
Supported OS: WinXP / WinVista / Win7 x32 / Win7 x64
Price: $99.00
Maxx is a tool for final limiting (maximizing loudness) of audio files in a production environment.
Possible uses include mastering of music,use in radio station production studios and podcasting.

Maxx has two operating modes that can be used simultaneously.
There is a manual interactive mode for one off final limiting.In this mode the processing of a sound file can be auditioned via the computers sound card.The set up process allows the easy adjustment of processing controls and the saving or loading of presets.
The second mode batch file processing mode for the automation of the limiting process.Batch file processing can operate simultaneous on multiple files.The number of which is up to the number of cores the computer CPU has.

The limiting process uses either a two band limiter for maximum transparency or a nine band limiter for maximum loudness.
The architecture of the two processors is similar. Optional gated dual band AGC followed optionally by a multiband gated limiter and optionally a broadband limiter and finally a distortion masked clipper.

Supported file types are '.wav' , '.mp3' and '.ogg' fpor both input and output.
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Keywords: Audio, Limiter, Processor, Mastering, Podcasting
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