a2zdiscos are based in bedford

Pa_hire_mobile_discos_bedfordshire 1.0

this program can help you find the best dj in the bedfordshire area with sound systems and light shows

free download (581 Kb)

Split one or more MP4 files into smaller ones

MP4 Video Splitter Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to split one or more MP4 files into smaller ones by a specified amount of seconds, minutes or hours. For your convenience, the original MP4 will not be changed and new MP4 files will be created.

free download trial (22.22 Mb)

Remove or move currently playing Winamp songs

Winamp Delete File Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to remove currently playing Winamp songs quickly from the computer.

free download trial (14.21 Mb)

Help people find the right event

Pahire_Luton_Bedfordshire_school_wedding 1.0

150 pound pa hire for schools, birthdays, engagement party and any other parties that you need a disco for

free download (581 Kb)

all-in-one home entertainment center

WinAVI Video Capture 2.0

Do you want to remember your parties and travels? Record your favorite TV programs? You can with WinAVI Video Capture. WinAVI Video Capture can record your films from AV devices such as video tape and web-cam, save it on your computer and even burn

free download (2.73 Mb)

A very powerful DVD backup software!

WinAVI DVD Copy 4.5

WinAVI DVD Copy is a very useful software program for backing up your DVD movies. By using WinAVI DVD Copy, you can easily copy your whole DVD collection at a fast speed while giving you an exact copy of your DVD.

free download trial (1.82 Mb) :: order online ($49.95)

Free Mac Audio File Conversion Software

Switch Audio Converter for Mac 4.33

Switch Sound Converter is an audio file converter for Mac. It can convert mp3, wav, wma and over 40 other audio file formats.

free download (1.37 Mb)

Play your mp3s anywhere through the web or iphone

My Music At Home Personal Media Server 2.00.000

Play your music anywhere through a web browser in full quality. Leave your files at home, and enjoy music at work or anywhere else with a web browser, iphone, ipod, winamp, windows media player or itunes.

free download (2.2 Mb)

Burn Video and data DVDs and data Blu-ray

Express Burn DVD Burning Software 4.66

Use Express Burn Plus DVD burner to burn video and data DVDs and data Blu Ray discs. Seamlessly burn video for playback on your computer or dvd player.

free download trial (770 Kb)

Convert multiple MP4s to AVIs.

MP4 To AVI Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple MP4s to AVIs.

free download trial (27.32 Mb)

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