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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: MacOS
Price: $9.90
Make ringtones as you wish, alomost any awesome music include. In one-click, Ringplus will change your iphone ringtone without iTunes. Of course, It manage your iphone ringtones easily. It's the best iPhone ringtone creator that can make the ringtones belong only to you. Try it. (for free)! Any music or video on where nevery in your computer or Youtube, SoundCloud and others places, just only a link, download, done. Any format (like mp3, mp4, acc, ape, wav, flv, flac etc.) will be change to iphone ringtone even you do not concern about it. You can use the simplest drags to complete making popular ringtones freely. It's a simple but cool ideas to adding a personal voice in the head of a ringtone(option). You can make a really unique ringtone by using RingPlus in easy steps. Just one click, the world is peaceful(iPhone ringtone will be changed)。 Once you try RingPlus, you will find it's so easy to managment your ringtones, like add, remove, export ringtones. Espcially, the export function can save the iphone ringtones to your computer even that ringtones are not created by RingPlus. Media download function is provided for making things simply. By this, almost all video and sound media resource on internet(for example youtube, vimeo etc.) can be downloaded for free.
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