Get album art and lyrics for songs in iTunes

Soundcrank iTunes Plug-in 2.1

Get album art and lyrics for songs in your iTunes library. See what like minded people are listening to. Integrates with soundcrank.com to provide additional functionality such as show blogs, reviews, custom lists, general music blogs.

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Edit your WMP ratings quick and comfortable!


Immedirate is an application which let Windows Media Player users rate their songs easier and quicker than ever before - by one click! Listen to songs while you're working on your computer and rate them without disturbing your work.

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Zoom Video + Multi-Scree + Rate + Searcher...

AK-Player 5.1

Zoom Video, Multi-Screen (Run many object in the same time with high performance) Rate (20 levels) Auto-continue and auto-play with multimedia search engine. Open hidden files and system files, control your CD- or DVD-ROM door, James character Guide.

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Tag archive utility for digital audio files

Tag Backup & Restore 1.1

Tag archiving utility for MP3 and other digital audio files. Backup and restore data to and from MS Acess 2000 database files, Excel worksheets, or delimited text files.

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Oxygen FM Manager for Nokia mobile phones

Oxygen FM Manager 2.0

Oxygen FM Manager for Nokia mobile phones is designed to give you full control over FM Radio. Load FM station presets from the phone to the PC's memory, easily edit them and upload them back with couple of mouse clicks.

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Make and Play Karaoke songs on your computer.

DART Karaoke Studio CD+G 1.4.9cdgp

Make and Play Karaoke on your computer. Rip & Burn CD+G Karaoke CDs. Suppress the Main Vocal from Stereo Recordings. Synchronize Lyrics with Music. Sing-Along and Record your Performance. Full Screen Playback Display.

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Record screen activities to AVI in real time

Easy Video Capture 1.30.05

Easy Video Capture is a tool for recording your screen into AVI video. It supports recording video, audio, cursor. You can use it to record DVD, RM, VCD, or other video media into AVI file. You can use it to make slide-show training documents.

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StampManage stamp collecting software

StampManage Stamp Collecting Software 2010

Use StampManage software to catalog and value your stamp collection. Features include 75,000+ listings of stamps from USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, UN & more, with hi-res images, indexed by the industry-standard SCOTT?? numbering system

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Audiophiler Music Organizer

Audiophiler Music Organizer 1.6.3

Audiophiler will organize your music collection. Loading your collection is quick and easy. Put a CD in your CD-ROM drive and Audiophiler will download the information from the Internet.

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Produce songs by composing your samples&voice

FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005

It is complete, music composing software. Make your own song at home on your PC. Arrange your samples rhythmically and make a small music cycle of a looping melody and add effects. Sequence them on an unlimited number of tracks to compose music with lyric

free download trial (4.78 Mb) :: order online ($20.00)

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