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VideoPower GREEN V2.4.2.1



Supported languages: English, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Polish
Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Price: $29.00
VideoPower GREEN is one of the products of the VideoPower series which focuses on audio recording, screen recording & Capture, video editing, and task scheduling. There are several functions added to this application which makes it stand out from the other applications available online. Upload your recorded audio or video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP through it without hassle.

1. Audio and Screen Recording
- There are five (5) modes available for screen recording such as Full screen, by Region, Audio only, with Web Camera, and around Mouse.
- For audio input, you have an option to use the System only, use your Microphone, both System and Microphone, or none.
- It allows you to add text, shapes, and colors while recording.

2. Screenshot
- VideoPower GREEN added a function where you can add text, shapes, and colors while taking a screenshot.

3. Video editing
- VideoPower GREEN has a built-in plugin where you can install. It is a video editor where you can use to edit and convert videos.

4. Task Scheduler
VideoPower GREEN is a great tool that focuses on how to lessen any workloads. Task Scheduler allows you to create a trigger where you can set a Task to Daily, Weekly, or any preferred day of the week. You can also specify the time duration or set the task to repeat and how many times to repeat within the time duration. You can also set what action to take for the trigger. You can set the Action to Record Full Screen, by Region, Use Webcam, or Audio only. For every task completed, you can set the application to shut down immediately.

VideoPower GREEN offers a wide option and modes for each function that makes users feel free to do their work based on their preference and creativity.
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