Converts and renders (.gif) colour palettes.

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PaletteWB 1.4


Daniel Krajzewicz Software

Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Windows 10
Price: $14.99
PaletteWB is an application for converting palettes between different formats. It currently supports the following formats: GIMP palette (*.gpl), Adobe Photoshop palette (*.aco), Fractint palette (*.map), Microsoft palette (*.pal). Each of these formats can be used as input and the read palette can be written in one of these formats. Additionally, PaletteWB can render palettes to .gif-files and export palettes to JavaScript, css, and HTML. As well, PaletteWB can export .gif-images animated using colorcycling.
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Keywords: color palette, palette, convert, look-up-table, fractint, gimp, swatches, export
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