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Screenshot of Appe: Spanish Learner game 01

Appe: Spanish Learner game 01



Supported languages: English, Spanish
Supported OS: Android
Price: Free
Learn Spanish with Appe gamePlay, learn and understand Spanish in this addicting game. And compete with others

APPE Spanish learning gameLearn to speak Spanish fluently as fast as possible!
Forget boring books simply play this addicting and FAST LOADING game, and
extend your vocabulary within days instead of weeks

The revolution in the world of teaching Spanish is now coming Play APPE Spanish in bus, train and other moments of idle time and you will be surprised, how fast new words will come into your head

See game screenshots Unique APPE learning algorithm

With unique APPE learning algorithm you will memorize new words as fast as possible. APPE: Spanish tracks every of your answers and offers you new words in optimal frequency, to achieve the best results really quick.

+ Learn Spanish by playing this addicting game in HD
+ Offline mode
+ Free app
+ Compete with others: your scores are automatically compared with other players, so you can instantly see your progress
+ Fast loading app: Do not waste your time clicking through tons of useless nag screens
+ 20 times faster learning than traditional methods ?? you can learn tens of new words every day with minimal effort
+ Word database is based on REAL WORD FREQUENCY ?? so you will learn ONLY the words you really need
+ Share your progress ?? show your friends how fast you are becoming better each day
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