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CAD View Plugin for Total Commander: DWG DXF

CAD View Plugin for Total Commander 7.3

CAD View Plugin provides support for DWG / DXF / HPGL/ SVG / CGM files in Total Commander. Features: Fast reading - 2D / 3D graphic - Mouse wheel zoom - Pan

free download trial (1.38 Mb)

Lister Plugin of Total Commander

Aml View 2.00

Lister Plugin Of Total Commander for view of Aml Pages document with data decompression and tree view.

free download (210 Kb)

Control anything running on your remote PC

PC Commander 2.1

PC Commander gves you total control over anything running on your Windows PC, all conveniently from your web browser. Stop processes, manipulate services, download files, log off/disconnect users, view event logs, restart the computer and much more.

free download trial (3.79 Mb)

New Image Viewer - We can show everything!

MyViewPad 3.5.0

MyViewpad is a new image viewer that can be used both as a stand alone application and as a Total Commander plugin.

free download (2.52 Mb)

Players Commander - game management software.

Players Commander 1.0

Players Commander is the ultimate management software for your games. Get your games into Players Commander and you never need to re-install them, even if you re-install your OS or buy a new PC. Easy transfer desired games/savegames to another PC.

free download trial (2.89 Mb)

Smart and flexible reminder manager.

Reminder Commander 3.05

Reminder Commander will help you create a system of reminders for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, important phone calls and much more.

free download trial (5.62 Mb)

Favorites everywhere, favorite folders, free.

Finalbird 2.5.724

The same favorites in dialog boxes, start menu, quick launch, popup menu, tray, Total Commander, shortcuts, middle click. Program restore start menu in windows 8, restore quick launch in windows 7, 8 or 10. Quick access to favorites. Free download.

free download (5.45 Mb)

Owl Commander is a multi panel file manager

Owl Commander 4.0

Owl Commander is a complete solution for managing files for Windows Computer. It's easy-to-use and powerful application designed for users of all levels, from new users, feel themselves non-comfortable with Windows Explorer, and to experienced users

free download trial (2.42 Mb) :: order online ($20.00)

TAI Commander - 3D file manager

TAI Commander 1.03

TAI Commander - Estimate the new approach in construction of the interface of programs which is based on 3D. TAI Commander allows to speed up and simplify work with files, folders, archives.

free download (1.96 Mb)

Free dual panel file manager for Mac

Commander One 1.5.2

Commander One is free dual-panel file manager for OS X based on Swift, which allows you to manage your files in the best possible way. Use it as Finder alternative, FTP client, archiver and much more

free download trial (18.61 Mb)

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