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fundamental stock analyzer for value investor

Stock Analyzer BC2a

Get the tool that analyzes stocks like professional money managers. Quickly identify profitable and money making stocks with the automated fundamental stock analyzer. One-click fundamental analysis and stock valuation to find intrinsic value.

free download trial (1.56 Mb)

Powerful Excel word count tool

Excel Word Count 2.0.0

Excel Word Count is an useful addin for Excel to Count Words in Excel Workbook just like MS Word Inbuilt Word Count Utility. You can count words in ActiveSheet, ActiveWorkbook & Selected cells. This new version is very easy to use and user friendly.

free download trial (946 Kb)

Stock List Pro

Stock List Pro 1.1.1

Stock List Pro is a unique tool that helps you understand the evolution of the stock market.

free download (2.6 Mb)

Cut and Paste Word Count, Copy Paste

ClipCount: Cut and Paste Word Count 2

ClipCount is ideal for fast text count in any file or program. Just select text you want to count and press CTRL+C keys (or any other combination you select) and window with count results appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

free download trial (2.94 Mb)

Line Count Software for Medical Transcription

Line Count 'N' Invoice 2007

'Line Count 'N' Invoice 2007' is essential and powerful Line Count Software for Transcription Industry including Medical, Legal, Secretarial, etc. as well as Translation Industry. It has great capability to count Lines in thousands of files.

free download trial (7.62 Mb)

Monitor and track stock sector trends.

Stock Sector Monitor 2.22

View best and worst performing stock sectors. This software displays snapshot quotes for stock industry sectors and selected groups of stocks. Monitors stock quotes, percentage change, volume and provides easy access to news, charts and reports.

free download trial (825 Kb) :: order online ($49.95)

Office Count 'N' Invoice Software to count

Office Count 'N' Invoice 1.1

Office Count 'N' Invoice Suite v1.1 is an essential software suite for translation industry which word count,Line Count, Pages, characters count Custom Pages and Line Count as per your defined criteria.

free download trial (10.96 Mb)

Alerts you before stock market opens & closes

Stock Market Timer 1.0

Stock Market Timer is an on-screen timer that counts-down and alerts you before the stock market opens and closes.

free download (608 Kb)

It is powerful Line Count software

Advance Line Count 4.0.0

The Advance Line Count tool is all new powerful Line Count software for Transcription Industry, including Medical Transcription, Secretarial as well as translation industry. The Advance Line Count is a useful tool to count Lines, Word, Pages, etc

free download trial (9.06 Mb)

counts the number of pages in a pdf

PDF Page Count 1.00

Pdf Page Count software counts the number of pages in a pdf file and displays this on screen and returns the page count as a return code.

free download trial (352 Kb)

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