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Chaos music generator!

Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator 1.0

With the right number, and combination of sounds you can create some interesting soundscape envorinments or randomly generated music that plays on and on. Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator Creates the illusion that you are there!

free download (3.02 Mb)

Soundscape generator!

Soundscape Generator 1.3

Soundscape Generator uses collections of sounds that create an ambient scene. Soundscapes can be used for many purposes, including relaxation, meditation, yoga, theatrical performances, events, soundtracks, and commercial spaces. Unlimited possibilit

free download (5.98 Mb)

Create relaxing nature sounds on your PC

Atmosphere Deluxe( PC Nature Sounds Generator) 7.0

Atmosphere is a sound generator that has many uses, primarily as a home sound environment generator and as a tool for creating custom nature CDs and ambient audio for professionals such as therapists, web developers.

free download trial (32 Mb)

RTComposer is a 'soundspaces' making program

RealTime Composer 1.1

RealTime Composer is a very simple program of making your own 'soundspaces'. Fill your sound 'palette' with musical fragments and sound loops. Put 'palette' sounds into the sound space cells.

free download (16.38 Mb)

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