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Description of Sexy shop online

Sexy shop online 1.0

free download (505 Kb)

Tetris with blocks consist of triangles.

Crazy Tetris 2.21

Crazy Tetris is unusual clone of the immortal Tetris game. In this game blocks consist not only from squares, but of triangles also. The object of the game is to maximize your score in placing the falling blocks or triangles into lines.

free download trial (922 Kb) :: order online ($14.95)

Tetris Arena is a modern 3D remake of Tetris.

Tetris Arena 1.9

Tetris Arena is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. This game will keep you playing for days on end because it comes with mind-boggling special effects, 12 ear-pleasing background tracks in stereo and addictive gameplay.

free download trial (2.2 Mb) :: order online ($19.95)

Play Tetris

Tetris 1.0

Play Tetris - brought to you by Bazboo Games :: Home of Friendly Games

free download (708 Kb)

Tatris 2008 is a new 3 in 1 tetris-like game.

Tatris 2008 1.0

Tatris 2008 is a new 3 in 1 tetris-like game. You will have three addictive games: Classic, Color Blocks, Rotated Color Blocks and best of all, everything is in 3D!

free download (5.05 Mb)

beautiful Canadian sight view by geeksdo.com

Geeksdo Canada Screen Wallpaper 1.0

Cananda sight view for desktop to make your notebook, laptop with life and nature provided by Geeksdo.com.

free download (1.12 Mb)

Place tetris like pieces logically

Absolute Fit-Trix 1.0.2

In this interesting variation of tetris, you will have to think logically and place the tetris pieces in such a way that you fill rows/columns. When a row (or column) is filled, that row is cleared and you score points.? 

free download trial (1.55 Mb)

Free Color Tetris game.

Free Color Tetris Game 1.0

Free Color Tetris game. Bar of various colors fall, when a solid three or more one color row forms, that row disappears.

free download (40 Kb)

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the...

Tetris Snake 1.4

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the classic game, "Snake." But have you ever seen a snake game laid out in the style of Tetris? Travel back in time, find your inner child. Have fun with Tetris Snake!

free download (4.15 Mb)

It is a real game for fans of classic Tetris.

Tetrix Game Gold 2.3

Tetrix Game Gold is a real game for fans of classic Tetris with music and skins. In this game your goal is to adjust
the blocks so they form lines that will disappear. The more lines that disappear at a time, the more points you get.

free download trial (3.07 Mb)

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