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Monitor and record all chats

Messenger Detect 2.76

Monitor and record all MSN chats, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, and ICQ chat on your Local network automatically and secretly! It's the one for ALL!

free download trial (1024 Kb)

A chat server for real-time chatting.

Chat Anywhere 2.82

Chat Anywhere is a chat server software for websites and intranets

free download trial (2.14 Mb)

Safe Internet/Local Network Chat

NetStorm CPI 2.25

Secure chat in Internet and local network using encrypted messages, files transfer, chats rooms, ICQ Client

free download (2.24 Mb)

Group chat software with file sharing support

PeerAware 1.11

Group chat software with file sharing support. You can share as many files as you like in a closed group. The chat keeps a log of recent chat history. Works both across the Internet and within a local network.

free download (922 Kb)

Real-time serverless chat for local networks

Vypress Chat 2.1.8

Vypress Chat is a user-friendly application for real-time chatting in small or home office (SOHO) local networks. Vypress Chat works with TCP/IP network protocol. You get an interface comparable to mIRC's and ICQ-like functionality.

free download trial (1.75 Mb) :: order online ($19.00)

Simple chat messenger for office and home

LanToucher Network Chat 1.0RC

LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network). Serverless (P2P) messaging; No dedicated server or Internet connection is required.

free download (1.13 Mb)

MSN sniffer monitors MSN chat conversations.

MSN Chat Monitor 1.21

MSN sniffer is a handy network control utility to capture and observe MSN chat conversations on network. It records MSN conversations automatically, and all intercepted messages can be saved as HTML files for later processing and analyzing.

free download trial (846 Kb) :: order online ($79.00)

Real-time LAN chat

LANcet Chat 2.3.301

LANcet Chat is free software for real-time message exchange over local network (LAN). With it you don't need to install any chat server. Just install and have fun

free download (883 Kb)

Simple MSN chat monitor for your network.

MSN Sniffer 2

MSN Sniffer is world's first sniffer to automate MSN chat capturing and impact analysis. After installed on one computer, it captures MSN chat across all computers in the same LAN, analyze and save into database for future analysis. msnsniffer.com

free download trial (1.4 Mb) :: order online ($79.00)

Add a free live chat room to Zikula.

Free Zikula Chat for 123 Flash Chat 1.0

Zikula Chat Module is a FREE application of 123 Flash Chat Software offered for Zikula CMS. With this module, webmaster will be assist to integrate Zikula with 123 Flash Chat seamlessly & securely, and add a chat room into Zikula CMS instantly.

free download (23 Kb)

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