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side-scrolling game
side scrolling game
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In the game the player must put side by side

Mario Fusion 1.0

In the game the player must put side by side identical pictures. Bejeweled is a bonus. The game ends when a player will cover all free space in the large square. 3 x dangerous flowers and will be transformed into the spirit, 3 x mushrooms and will be

free download (2.9 Mb)

Play the ancient game Mancala with another pl

Multiplayer Mancala 1.0.0

Play the ancient game Mancala with another player over the internet.

free download (344 Kb)

The falling-blocks puzzle game

PentaFall 2.3.8

Shapes composed of five square identical blocks each fall down the playing area. The object of the game is to manipulate these shapes, with the aim of creating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps. The game ends when the player 'tops out'

free download (493 Kb)

Lay the pentamino blocks in solid lines

FreeSweetGames Pentafall 2.3.40

There are two game modes. Duel - identical shapes fall to you and the opponent. Alone - the full rows appear to the opponent's area.

free download (632 Kb)

Let's recall the great pleasure of this memor

Reversi 1.0.2

Let's recall the great pleasure of this memorable board game!

free download (260 Kb)

Free Pc Reversi Game

Free Pc Reversi Game 1.5.2

This is a simple Windows based game ,it's played with pieces that are black on one side and white on the other.

free download (4.12 Mb)

Mancala is old Asian and African game.

Mancala 1.0

Mancala is a general name which applies to a group of very old Asian and African games in which stones or seeds were moved from cups on a game board or holes in the ground. A great counting game, Mancala requires strategy and patience.

free download trial (4.6 Mb)

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout is sport game.

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout 1.0

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout is sport game for free. Use your Left and Right arrow keys to move side to side, and Up and Down keys to move faster and slower.

free download (2.21 Mb)

Player must put thief in jail quickly.

Catch A Thief Memory Game 1.5

The challenge of the game is to remember which thief is at which window and find a pair. Finding a pair within the time frame is the aim. Educative the game sharpens memory and helps cognitive development. Gaming improves retention skills.

free download (1.85 Mb)

Building 24 figures of the blooming flowers.

Rose King 1.5.0

It is the game of the blooming flowers and building the lines (corners, snakes, trapeziums, shoes, 24 figures). There are hundreds the additional flowers.
Games: Double, Limit time, Buy time, Buy flowers,Pick up flower,Carousal,Assortment, Kid game.

free download (1.74 Mb)

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