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Shaiya is a graphically-stunning MMORPG that

Shaiya MMORPG BETA 1.2.7

Shaiya is a graphically-stunning MMORPG that immerses you in a mystical world filled with dragons, orcs, elves and

free download (1.02 Mb)

A new concept fantasy MMORPG with video chat

Magic World Online 0910

Magic World Online is a MMORPG where players can meet thousands of others! New concept MMORPG with Video Chat & AI Bot, Open Beta Starts! Free to Download and Free to Play.

free download (32 Mb)

Would you like to shine? This is you dream.

Girl Games Glittery Kit 1.2

Would you like to shine? Now your dream can come true! With Glittery Kit you can create characters full of fashionable clothes and glamurous jewellery. There are also Fairies waiting for you to edit their outfits. You can always add some more glitter

free download (7.64 Mb)

Creativity set for every young woman

Girs Games Seasons 2.1

Creativity set for every young woman. There is a wide choice of clothes and accesories for each season: whole set of wardrobe stuf plus boots and shoes, hats and sunglasses and many more. Feel the freedom of choice and try different varations.

free download (7.17 Mb)

Huge choice of stuff such as fashionables.

Girs Games Cute Pack 3.5

Games allow you to edit Mermaid, Fairy, doggy or playroom. Huge choice of stuff such as fashionable clothes, cool shoe.

free download (6.28 Mb)

Make up unique fashion creations.

Girs Games Special Occasions 2.1

Those three special games will let you make up unique fashion creations. Eg. start with goth fashion section where you can find dark clothes and huge choice of shoes - surprise your blog visitors with fashion classics such as perfect model in a black

free download (7.17 Mb)

The 1st zodiac-based MMORPG.

Zodiac Online V100205

Zodiac Online is the 1st zodiac-based free MMORPG with girls' favorite cute graphics. This game is launched by Ingle Games. In ZO you'll find many unique features that you'll never see in other games and a video chat function created by Ingle Games.

free download (32 Mb)

Well of Souls is a free MMORPG

Well of Souls A91

Well of Souls is Synthetic Reality's FREE multi-player Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It is extensible through a simple scripting language so that you can compose your own quests, create your own world, and share it with your friends.

free download (9.54 Mb)

Pirate Storm is a free MMO desktop game.

Pirate Storm for Pokki 1.0.0

Pirate Storm is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is now available to play right from your desktop!

free download (777 Kb)

Compare Prices for MMORPG virtual currency

MMORPG Virtual Currency Price Checker 1.0

MMOShift Virtual Currency Price Checker allows users to compare updated prices on the most popular virtual gold selling websites for Aion, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and Lineage II. We also compare prices for Game Time Cards and CD-Keys!

free download (680 Kb)

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