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Make more disk space, Increase disk space

Make more disk space software 2.4.11

As a rule, you can increase disk space in different ways. For example, to buy a new disk, to remove many big and small files. And you can optimize disk space having analyzed its structure, having defined the basic points of growth and development.

free download trial (900 Kb)

find large files, visualize disk usage

Disk Usage Analyzer 1.5

Disk Usage Analyzer Free - a small utility that will help you visualize how to allocate space on your hard drive. Any PC user ever wondered what to do with the free space on the hard disk.

free download (22.46 Mb)

Permanently Delete all data on your disk.

Puran Wipe Disk 1.1

It is a free utility that can completely delete everything on your disk including the file system so that no data can be recovered or it can just wipe the free space so that already deleted files cannot be recovered.

free download (1.39 Mb)

Free disk cleaner software.

Disk Cleaner Free 7.2.8

Disk Cleaner Free frees up the disk space on your computer! If you need more disk space on your computer to help it run effectively, you essentially need to clean unused files and fragments of data off of your hard disk.

free download (4.04 Mb)

Analyze the disk space in your PC hard drive

GetFoldersize 2.3.2

GetFoldersize is the tool that helps you analyze the disk space in your PC hard drive. Its efficient disk space reporting shows the largest files and folders in their correct directory paths and the file size to assist in reducing hard drive space.

free download (2.28 Mb)

FreeSpacePro V4 is a disk monitoring utility

FreeSpacePro V4

FreeSpacePro V4 is a disk monitoring utility that allows you to monitor free space on all your hard disks. It is bundled with a drive clenaer utility that allows you to find specific (large or old) files and move, delete or shred them.

free download (1.19 Mb)

Free partition magic resizing for Windows

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free 3.2

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a free partition magic software to resize partition especially the system volume that is running out of space and has low disk space alter. It is able to repartition disk without formatting or reinstalling system.

free download (7.47 Mb)

Free up disk space with Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 5.0.0

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a nifty free tool that with help you get rid of duplicate files. Duplicate files can take up gigabytes of disk space. By using this free utility you can reclaim up to 50% of hard drive space.

free download (7.17 Mb)

Full disk? Recover valuable space now!

FULL-DISKfighter 1.4.39

Each time you turn on your PC, it get filled up with Junk Files and other garbage, that fills up your PC. If you don't delete these files, massive amounts of hard disk space will be taken up and you will end up with a full and very slow PC to crawl.

free download trial (2.64 Mb)

Powerful and fast disk space analyzer.

DiskSavvy Ultimate 10.5.14

DiskSavvy Ultimate is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use disk space analyzer utility allowing one to analyze disk usage in one or more disks, directories, network shares and NAS storage devices.

free download trial (3.67 Mb)

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