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Free, secure encryption of files and folders

Encrypt Files 1.5

With Encrypt Files you can securely encrypt and password protect your confidential files and folders. Encrypt Files is fast, lightweight, supports 13 strong encryption algorithms and shreds files after encryption. Encrypt Files is free application.

free download (1.01 Mb)

Quick Encrypt for Fast and Easy Encryption

Quick Encrypt 3.4.3

Quick Encrypt is a Valuable Tool for beginning and experience Web designers who want to encrypt all or parts of webpages Fast and Easy! No preparation needed. Encrypt HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, JScript and Flash Fast!

free download trial (1.91 Mb)

Encrypt all sensitive data in your computer

Data Encrypter 1.1

Data Encrypt is a software application designed to encrypt all sensitive data in your computer. Using a high level of compression your data is at safe place.

free download trial (900 Kb)

Free and simple data encryptor.

Encrypt Care 2.2

Encrypt Care is an easy to use, but powerful encryption software which allows user to encrypt or decrypt text and files in batch mode, generate, verify and export ckecksums.

free download (1.95 Mb)

Encrypt and decrypt files with a password.

Password Protect Multiple Files Software 7.0

Encrypt and decrypt files with a password to protect sensitive data.

free download trial (760 Kb)

Encrypt your php source code

Easy PHP Encrypt 1.0

Easy PHP Encrypt is designed to help encrypt your php source, and keep users from gaining access to your hard work. Easy PHP Encrypt also includes popup protection, so you can give out a demo version of your PHP source code.

free download trial (438 Kb)

encrypt PDF file,set password,set permissions

Ahead PDF Encrypt 1.0.0

Ahead PDF Encrypt is a powerful tool that allows you to encrypt existing PDF files, set permissions, add user and owner password, set descriptions.

free download trial (6.16 Mb)

Cryper encrypts files and directories.


With Cryper you can encrypt single Files or even complete Directories. Take the security of your private data serious.

free download trial (7.85 Mb)

EasyHideIP.com Simple Encrypt Decrypt Text

EasyHideIP.com Encrypt Decrypt Text 3.0

Simple Encrypt Decrypt Text - free text encryption software for personal. Encrypt text, encrypt emails and messages. You can use it for encrypt Text, Email, MSN, YM, ICQ and more.... Encrypt and decrypt rich text messages using cut and paste.

free download (1.67 Mb)

Free Text Encrypt encrypts private messages.

Free Text Encrypt 1.00.01

Free Text Encrypt is a freeware secure text encryption software. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) specification to protect your confidential data. The AES encryption algorithm secures the sensitive and unclassified information.

free download (2.55 Mb)

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