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Ductless Air Conditioning - Is It True That

Ductless Air Conditioning 1.0

Ductless Air Conditioning - Is It True That You Can Only Air Condition Just One Room Of Your House? If you are looking for an efficient and attractive way to provide cooling in your home, consider ductless air conditioning. Generally, a ductless

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Network and temperature monitoring

PageR Enterprise Network Monitoring 5.3.6

PageR monitors Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7. Monitored Object types can be chosen to Monitor Windows Services, Disc Space, Disc Drives, Windows Event Logs, Windows Folders, Web Pages, Disc Files, Windows Process

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Totally free VeeSee Hardware Information

Free VeeSee

The main function of Free VeeSee? Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware??s information, such as the detailed information of CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics card, display and keeping computer monitored.This is totally free for users.

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How to Recover Pen Drive Data?

How To Recover Pen Drive Data 1.1.1

Want to resolve this query like "How to Recover Pen Drive Data"; Most of the people insert their pen drive is infected computers and laptops. For data recovery of pen drive/usb drive you can use Pen Drive Recovery Software.

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Turn average photos into stunning images

Batch Image Enhancer 3.5

Turn a bunch of average photos into stunning images with various actions and effects in a few clicks! Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, and colors. Sharpen, remove noise, auto-white-balance, and apply creative effects.

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Steam table calculator Excel add-in

Steam Calculator 2.0

Steam table calculator Excel add-in based on IAPWS-97 standard which calculates 23 steam properties such as: Temperature, Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy,Quality,Density,Internal Energy, etc. English and SI input and output units are supported.

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An 3D Ideal Gas Simulator.

Ideal Gas in 3D 2.01

You can see ideal gas molecules in 3D if you use "Ideal Gas in 3D". It can help you to understand molecules motion, Boyle's law, Charles law and Maxwell distribution.

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Hydroponics Calculator, Flash player required

Hydroponic grow 1.1

A useful hydroponics calculator to help your hydroponic grow. Includes calculators for grow light wattage, grow light energy costs, EC or PPM conductivity, temperature conversion, air exchange, and a carbon dioxide calculator.

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2008 National Electrical Code Calculator

Electrc 2008 Trial 2.2

Electrc 2008 performs many electrical contracting and engineering calculations in complete conformance with the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC). It produces detailed professional printouts as well as on-screen details. Many NEC parameters.

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.NET HMI Instrumentation Components

Instrumentation .Net Package 1.000

.NET Automation HMI Component can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments

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