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Distribute your articles to TOP Directory

Mass Article Distributor 1.0.0

This Software will massively distribute your articles to TOP Directory

free download (433 Kb)

brand and distribute your own pdf-converter

PDF24-personalizer 1.0

brand and distribute your own pdf-converter - great marketing tool. After branding your pdf24-design.creator it generates pdf-files from any application. All you need is the option to print. Great give-away to firends family or customers.

free download (156 Kb)

1888PressRelease - Distribute Your News

1888PressRelease - Distribute Your News 1.0

1888PressRelease iPhone application delivers breaking market news, business press releases, full-stories, and real-time featured press releases throughout the day. More Than 21 Press Release Categories On Different Topics And More coming Soon.

free download (1.2 Mb)

Integrate VB runtimes into your exe.


Alloy gives software developers the ability to distribute stand-alone executables. Alloy is a remarkable product which takes the hassle out of distributing software without separate runtime files.

free download trial (1.72 Mb)

Pad X Submitter 1.0

Distribute your software applications to 80 software libraries world wide.

free download (547 Kb)

ActiveX component for reading barcodes

BarcodeReader-ActiveX 1.9

BarcodeReader-ActiveX reads barcodes from images or data streams to get their parameters. It recognizes all barcodes from an image at a time, reads corrupted barcodes and supports blurred, noisy images. It has one .dll, which is easy to distribute.

free download trial (3.24 Mb)

easy create bt seed and distribute it

BT Seed Creator 1.0

Not to mention the function of auto-distribute and auto-detect media's information and auto-capture screenshots,you can just use it to make seeds instead manually.you can drag files or directories to the main dialog and it also support command line.

free download (1.89 Mb)

Efficiently distribute Facsimiles

Fax Balancer 1.0

Fax Balancer is a program that is designed to equally distribute facsimiles to a processing department. Each time a fax arrives it is delivered to the next person on the distribution list. It is designed for balancing a work load in a department.

free download trial (6.93 Mb)

Create flash wallpaper and re-distribute it

Wallpaper Scout 1.50

Create flash wallpaper installer and re-distribute it to your web-site visitors, your customers, colleagues or friends. You can customize title, publisher, web-site url, to set custom options for flash movie used in wallpaper, and more!

free download trial (5.41 Mb)

Distribute Facsimiles by their TSID Contents

TSID Router 1.0

TSID Router is a program that reads theTSID contents contained in a facsimile header. The contents are then used to distribute the facsimile. The program will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address as a PDF or Tiff Image.

free download trial (14 Mb)

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