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Generate ambient music from sound files.

Ambient Grains 4.0.0

Ambient Grains is a software tool that automatically generates ambient music and other ambient sounds from music and other sound files, by using a new and innovative method of granular synthesis.

free download trial (1.33 Mb)

Ambient Keys is a VST instrument plugin.

Ambient Keys 1.5

Ambient Keys is a polyphonic VST instrument plugin, with an ambient sound, playing hundreds of ambient waveforms and processing these.

free download trial (4.04 Mb)

Soundscape generator!

Soundscape Generator 1.3

Soundscape Generator uses collections of sounds that create an ambient scene. Soundscapes can be used for many purposes, including relaxation, meditation, yoga, theatrical performances, events, soundtracks, and commercial spaces. Unlimited possibilit

free download (5.98 Mb)

Take 3D journey to the Mercury Planet

Mercury 3D Screensaver 1.01.3

Launch this screensaver and be impressed by the high realistic colorful space scenes. Relax, watching the spectacular Mercury planet views accompanied by mysterious ambient sounds.

free download trial (6.61 Mb) :: order online ($5.99)

Free E book about Sound Effects in Media

Sound Effects 1.0

Free E book about Sound Effects in Media. Learn to understand the emotional response to sounds and music.

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PerfectClock - 50 clocks in on app!

PerfectClock for iPhone

We don't entice you with phrases like "three-or-even-five-beautiful-clock-themes", because we ALREADY offer more than 50 clock skins FOR FREE, including amazing artwork from Vladstudio.com. We will NEVER charge you for additional skin downloads.

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Ambient Glow Firefox Theme

Ambient Color Firefox Theme 1.0

Bring an ambient glow to your Firefox browser with this simple designer theme for Firefox

free download (674 Kb)

Temperature Scan 1.0.3

"Temperature Scan is an affordable Temperature monitoring system that allows you to be notified of changes in temperature as they happen. This tool can be used to monitor server room and data center temperatures to prevent disaster."

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Create relaxing nature sounds on your PC

Atmosphere Deluxe( PC Nature Sounds Generator) 7.0

Atmosphere is a sound generator that has many uses, primarily as a home sound environment generator and as a tool for creating custom nature CDs and ambient audio for professionals such as therapists, web developers.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Create exciting games with Construct 2

Construct 2 r139

Construct 2 is an exciting new game making program that lets you create games - no programming knowledge required! It comes with free sound effects, background music, ambient sounds and sprite packs so you can make amazing games in minutes.

free download (32 Mb)

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