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Supported languages: English, Chinese
Supported OS: Linux / Win2000 / Win7 x32 / Win7 x64 / WinServer / WinVista / WinVista x64 / WinXP / Other
Price: $249.95
K-Secure VPN is a revolutionary network security solution that encrypts and
compresses network traffic. With its server program installed on computer A
(possibly located in your main office) and its client program installed on
computer B at anywhere across the world - that is, anywhere with Internet
access - it guarantees all specified network connections between A and B are
encrypted and thus free of the risk of being eavesdropped.

How It Works

When a network application (for example the Internet Explorer) connects to a
service you want to protect (let's say the service is located at
http://YourCompany.com), K-Secure VPN catches all the data Internet Explorer
tries to send out, compresses and encrypts them, and sends out the compressed
and encrypted data to the corresponding K-Secure VPN server;

The K-Secure VPN server decrypts all the data it receives from the client and
connects to the protected service (at http://YourCompany.com) on behalf of the
Internet Explorer, passing the protected service all the decrypted data. If
there is any information returned from the protected service, the K-Secure VPN
server encrypts it and passes it back to the client, which in turn passes all
decrypted data to the Internet Explorer.

As you can see from the above simplified description, security of the network
traffic is achieved because there is no clear text transmission between
Internet Explorer and the protected service. Now, K-Secure VPN becomes the
middle men and any communication between the network application and its
corresponding service are secured.

The protection offered by K-Secure VPN is not limited to the HTTP protocol.
K-Secure VPN supports all TCP based network protocols such as HTTP, FTP,
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