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Forex BulletProof
Steady capital gain every month with no downfalls, 5% capital increase per month is what the aim was. True the EA achieved much more during testing, even as far as doubling deposits. However, we said... Stop! What can we do now to make this thing safer?

Answer: We went back to the drawing board and lowered the risk at the expense of the profits!

Yes exactly! Instead of using the excess profits as a marketing argument for an ultrabot that would have failed you after a month or two, we took the profitable space to put security measures in place and close every risk hole possible, because remember: paper profits or short term high gains don't count! Only what is in your wallet every single month for years to come speaks the truth about passive income.

What each and every forex robot developer overlooked until this point was refinement and the closing of risk holes.

Pay attention: A clear indicator of a cheaply assembled forex robot is promised gains of over 10% a month because developing a high gain robot is easy and inexpensive. The challenge is to develop a SAFE one.

After months of researching, testing and brainstorming,
we struck gold! The solution was evident

The ???Golden??? BulletProof consisted of 3 parts:

1.A Never Losing, Small gain/No Risk trading formula.
2.A modified trading style that will fit this specific safe platform
3.LIMIT the number of users (yes, focus ONLY on those who are serious about a long term, safe and consistent income)
Do we consider ourselves the best forex developers on the planet? No. Did we develop the safest forex robot on the planet? You can bet your ass on that!

But it's not important what we think, it`s important to fill our traders pockets with money every single month, to put food on the table as a minimum, and to let each BulletProof trader achieve his optimum financial goals :)

Can you imagine the feeling when you know that you can spend money as you wish, on whatever you wish and whenever you wish?
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