Convert DVDs, Videos to iPod in one click.

Aavx DVD to iPod Video Suite

Convert DVDs, Videos to iPod in one click and up to 3 times faster. Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite is a One-click, All-in-One solution to create iPod movies from DVDs, TV shows and home videos. The software combines DVD to iPod Converter and iPod Video

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record PC screen into video AVI in real time

32One Screen Video Recorder 3.98

321Soft Screen Video Recorder is designed to record your computer screen (full screen or a fixed area) into AVI video file for further purposes like editing, burning DVD, making slide show movie, etc.

free download trial (545 Kb)

Convert DVD To iPod Or PSP Format

32One DVD To iPod or PSP 4.98

123 DVD to iPod PSP Ripper is designed to rip your favorite DVD movie to MP4 file for playing on your portable devices like Apple iPod or Sony PSP.123 DVD to iPod PSP Ripper is perfect for converting DVD to iPod and DVD to PSP.

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Rip DVDs to 3GP in one click, 3 times faster

Avex DVD to 3GP Converter 2011.0216

Rip DVDs movies to Mobile Phone 3gp format in one click and up to 3 times faster.Avex DVD to Mobile Converter converts DVD movies to Mobile Phone 3GP format and let you watch mobile movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video.

free download trial (6.29 Mb)

One click video conversion tool.

Avex 3GP Video Converter 2011.0216

One click video conversion tool for Mobile Phone. Avex Mobile Video Converter converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability.

free download trial (6.82 Mb)

Automatically play MP3s on your web page.

Wimpy MP3 Player 6.0.23

The industry standard for imbedding a MP3 audio playlist on a website. Clean, intuitive, easy to deploy. Wimpy MP3 Player can automatically list and play and entire folder full of MP3 files directly on your web page.

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6.1 HD Surround Internet Radio


SurroundCast is a Digital Surround HD Radio Player- with over 1000 Digital stations! Featuring iPod support and advanced SRS WOWXT - Circle Surround II- and Spatializer technology- Users can experience 6.1 Surround even with 2 speakers!

free download trial (18.06 Mb)

Recieve Radiostations and save them as MP3!

Replay 2.2

Using REPLAY you can listen to over 6000 radio stations and you can save your favorite songs as MP3-Files on
your harddisk.

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10 telephone lines for the cost of 1

Projectors, screens, PA Systems mic hire 1

Advanced telecommunications with free calls to all other staff utilising the voip network. Low cost projector rental. Screens, PA Systems, radio mics, lapel radio mics, lecterns, speakers, amps, amplifiers. Projector hire luton.

free download (155 Kb)

Latest firmware for the Smargo Smartreader

SmartreaderUpdate_v1.5.zip 1.05

Latest firmware for the Smargo Smartreader Plus from www.koeroe.eu. All bugs solved and improved software features/possibilities. Smartcards added.

free download (958 Kb)

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