SoundTap Free Mac Audio Stream Recorder

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SoundTap Free Mac Audio Stream Recorder 5.00


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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Mac OS X / Mac Other
Price: Free
SoundTap lets you record nearly any audio that plays through a Mac OS X including streaming radio, radio webcasts, instant messaging conversations, and VoIP calls. All audio is 'tapped' by a virtual driver directly within the kernel so the process is perfect digital quality. Simply install this software, turn the software on, and then all sound played on or through the computer will be recorded.

SoundTap Free Audio Streaming Recorder for Mac features:
* Recording internet radio and other streaming audio.
* Recording of VoIP calls, softphones or instant messaging audio by companies for legal reasons.
* Converting audio recorded in 'proprietary' audio formats to wav or mp3. As long as you have a player, you can use this software to convert the file.
* Streaming audio conference recorder.
* Most media players can be recorded.
* Records any sound you can play on your Mac
* Lets you listen as you record (optional).
* Records what is being input into the Mac at the same time (optional). This is useful for recording voip calls.
* Saves files in wav or mp3 format with a wide range of selected codec and compression options.
* Recordings can be searched easily by date, time, duration or format.
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